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Thank you, Romaine, for the gift! That was incredibly sweet, considering how inactive I've been in fandom for the last... long... while. I've never really felt a part of fandom, mostly because I don't know how to do the work it takes to make LJ friends, but your gift made me feel included, and warm and fuzzy to boot!

Also, I had to post to tell of the AMAZING thing that happened last night. I was bartending a private party at a venue I'm closely connected with, and they had my friend do karaoke for them. A fellow with a british accent came to the bar and I started a tab for him, noticing that his last name was Froud. "No relation to Brian Froud?" I asked whimsically. Brian Froud was the genius behind the design of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, as well as many other things. He said, "He's my father, actually."

Well, I gushed. I LOVED The Dark Crystal as a kid. Hell, I love it now. I've watched it as recently as 6 months ago. Nevertheless, I felt bad gushing about this person's father, so I forcibly stopped myself and let him enjoy his beverage.

Later, though, he was lingering at the bar, looking in the songbook for songs to sing, and I couldn't help it. I said "I'm going to be one of those people and ask you about your dad." He smiled, and it looked genuine, so I continued. "He designed Labyrinth, right?" He said, "Yes, he did. And you know the little baby in Labyrinth?"

THAT WAS HIM. TOBY WAS ACROSS THE BAR FROM ME. I SERVED TOBY A DRINK! Several, actually, and when he was nice and drunk, I and my KJ got him to take pictures with him.

And then he sang "Magic Dance," making the night complete.

He was extremely nice. He's also a designer, of large puppets. In fact, he was working on Michael Jackson's stage show, when... well, we all know what happened. Anyway, he's in my town now, teaching puppet workshops! I'm going to attend one.

Oh, and finally: This makes me ONE DEGREE AWAY FROM DAVID BOWIE.
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