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You know, it's weird. When you're walking home after a night in which you thought you just couldn't feel any more put out, pushed around, low, low, pathetic and low, it's not actually a pick-me-up to nearly walk straight into Peter Buck. It made me feel flushed and panicky, and then immediately compare my life with his... my life suffers in the comparison, needless to say.

Gawd, I'm a whiny bitch.

But seriously.... Fuck you, Peter Buck, you successful rock god.

I must say, he is looking good these days, though.

(ps to gnat: he was in front of the restaurant we ate at. Perhaps we should notify TC)
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Finally, I bring you the second half of In the Matter of a Wand. Sadly, it has ballooned into three parts, the third of which has not even been sketched out. But... it'll get done. I promise. I just couldn't leave things the way they were at the end of the second part, but I couldn't make things easy for the boys, either. I'm such a sadist.

I've been a bit too depressed to write much or pay much attention to what I do write, which is why this has taken so long. I'm afraid it's probably not all that well-edited, so if anyone sees something 'off', please let me know and I'll fix it.

Part 1 here.

Hex Files?

Aug. 3rd, 2007 06:38 pm
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Anybody else getting a 404 when they try to go to the Hex Files? Anybody know what's going on?
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I'm halfway through the second episode of the second season of Dr. Who (the one with David Tennant) and I  think it's official.



Nay, ZOMG.
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Before I do anything else today (too late, been reading someone's journal), I should wish Harry Potter a happy birthday.


I didn't write this in honor of the day, but I will post it anyway, and perhaps it shall inspire me to finish the second half of it (in which Harry gets his _real_ birthday present).

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I forgot to post my threesome fic I wrote for Sansa and Empathic Siren's Pimp My Threesome Fest!

It's a Harry/Draco/Ginny threesome, heavy on the H/D but there's definitely some het action in there, too, so be forewarned. If you read this, could you let me know whether you think Hex Files would accept it? I'm unsure if it's H/D centric enough for them.

Title: A Growth Experience
Author: [personal profile] oceaxe
Threesome: Harry, Draco, Ginny
Prompt: Interrogation
Kink: Dirty Talk
Rating: NC-17

Well! My first threesome (in fic, anyway). I promise, the next thing I post will be DH-compliant.
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I've been working on a couple post-DH fics and desultorily plotting an epic retelling of DH through Draco's eyes, but a nagging sense of things unfinished has been plaguing me. Soooo... I decided I needed to finish Too Close For Comfort before getting too far into anything else.

My wand-fic will be completely cliched by the time it gets read, but that's okay. It was kind of cliche even before JKR wrote it, anyway.

And now I bring you a rather rushed installment of Too Close For Comfort (on the plus side, it reprises that famous cameo):

TCFC 4 )

Previous parts here.

House Booty is Bad Booty here.
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My bf just came over, smelling of smoke. I asked "Where were you?" "The bar." "With whom?" "Me," he pouted. I repeated "me?" all sadly and poutily, and he clarified, "Me, and Harry and Hermione." AWWWW! C'mon, that's cute.

Oh, also? Already writing fic. Tee hee.
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It seems like I might be in a minority here, but I loved the book. I finished it, oh... two seconds ago, and my eyes are puffy and red because I sobbed my heart out like twelve times. Or more. I just loved it.

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And finally, Part 3...

Alright, now bring on the new canon! (but fuck the epilogue!)
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Okay, this is the last story I'll post before DH. It's no masterpiece, but... it's worth reading, I think. I get a little ship-evangelical at the end, be warned. 

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So, I have a one-shot that's almost done at 8k words, and it's a premise that I haven't seen done in quite the way I've written it, so even though it's not totally aweseome I suddenly got all fired up yesterday to finish and post it before tomorrow. So my bf and I took his little devices out to a bar and typed madly away, he at his poetry, me at my story. All the little missing parts were coming together quite nicely, and then I lost steam and saved it and was going to email it to myself. Only, I guess I didn't save it. Because it's nowhere to be found on the computer. 


I'm still going to finish it. Goddamn it.

Also, I couldn't resist. I torrented Deathly Hallows. Alls I can say is.... no, wait, I'm not saying anything. Because I'm not going to finish it. Because I am strong, I have fortitude, I can withstand whatever JK throws my way and if it turns out it was a hoax I won't have stirred myself into a tizzy for nothing, and if it's not a hoax then I won't risk spoiling anything for anyone. 

But I really don't think it's a hoax. 

Fucking epilogue! That fucking bitch! (<-- sorry, but I really am mad about the very idea of an epilogue. I haven't read it, but no matter what it says it closes off the future for fandom. I guess we'll be seeing a whole hell of a lot of AU's.)

I imagined being much happier at DH-day minus one.
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Oh boy. I'm too tired from attending my sister's all-day 40th birthday party to do justice to this post, but I told myself I'd post it tonight, and so I am. Sans fanfare, it's the final chapter of Intrusive Thoughts. Read, enjoy, comment, harrass, whatever you like....

So, in conclusion, this is the longest thing I've written so far, and I'm relatively happy with it. Um, yay me. Whee!


Jul. 12th, 2007 09:32 am
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So there's this "which Harry Potter character are you" test going around, and I scored "Draco Malfoy" only I can't get the code to work, so I can't prove it. But I totally swear, I'm Draco Malfoy. I've always known it, anyway... but it's nice to be validated, finally.  By, like, the experts.

Seriously, why am I so proud of being told by some silly test that I'm "Draco"? That's a little bit weird, self.

In other news, gonna see the movie today!  Woo!

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday to Frayach!  You're a brilliant writer and a lovely person. And you're probably pretty hot. Love, Draco
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So! The penultimate chapter of Instrusive Thoughts is appended herein, and I'm all atwitter!

I would like to post the fourth chapter of Too Close For Comfort soon, but I'm not sure that that WIP is going to be finished before the pre-DH-Day deadline. It's okay, that could easily just be an AU postwar, I don't mind. And depending on what happens to the boys, I may even be able to retrofit it.

I thought it was more important that IT gets finished, because it's definitely post-HBP and will be jossed irretrievably once DH comes out.

With no further ado:

Previous parts here.

ps- icon from aa_dmalfoy's  greatest journal collection of Alex Band pics. He is so close to my Draco, it's not even funny.


Jul. 6th, 2007 05:36 pm
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Would anyone be willing to read what I've got written of the next installment of Too Close For Comfort and give me a kick in the arse? I am so stalled out on it, I need a fresh perspective.

Also, I made a new icon. I like it. DO YOU???
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Oh homies, my homies, I bring you another chapter of Intrusive Thoughts. I think we're one scant chapter from the end... maybe. There's still a bit of ground to cover, and several weeks before DH-day.

At any rate, this chapter is extra long. I hope you like it. If you do, please let me know. Not to engage in emotional blackmail, but I had quite a shitty day. As in, "my wallet and bag were stolen and I got laid off" kind of shitty.


Rating: very NC-17 (my longest sex scene yet, I do believe!)


Jun. 28th, 2007 09:42 pm
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Ahahaha. Hem. I said I might post another chapter of Intrusive Thoughts tonight, but I lied. Instead, I will post another chapter of Too Close For Comfort.

Intrusive Thoughts 5 coming soon!
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